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“K” Division
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“V3” Division

In the process of creating this website Jack Greer spent much time going over rosters and personnel photos of each ship. Within the Division pictures shown on this page he found that there were three brothers, Clyde, Jack and Gordon Cannon and a brother-in-law of Jack Cannon, Joseph Allen, who all served on these ships at the same time. Such was also the case of George, Henry and James Brasher who were brothers.  They did not serve in the same work divisions nor did they have the same duties. The unusual part of this circumstance is that  Naval Regulations did not permit such multi family service.  This regulation was adopted when the Sullivan family lost five sons that were serving on the cruiser USS Juneau that was sunk during WWII in the Pacific theatre operations.

Brothers following brothers and sons following fathers serving on the same ship is not unusual. An example would be  Captain Logan Ramsey serving as skipper of CVE 21 and then later Ensign Logan Ramsey, Jr serving on CVE 106. The Cannon Brothers and the Brasher Brothers skirted around those regulations. At this late date in time the mystery of why this was allowed will probably never be answered.

V4” Division
First Row:   Robert Steppe,”CB” Garrison, Richard E Reilly, Munsey Kolhoss, Edgar Romo,”Shorty” Messenger, Louis Masterangelo, Harry Chapman, Bert Carr, Frank Pacholec, Joe Paradise “The Duke”, Willie Lundy
Second Row:   Alex Worhach, Bob Russel, Dick Keesbury, Freddy Harris, Layfette Mitchel, Jesse Herrington, Howard Kinkoff, George Elkins, Allen Scott, Chubby Rogers, Douglass Babbit, Charlie Schimpf, Mike De Carlo, Gilbert Janke
Third Row:   “Pappy” Laux, Edward Clark, Lyle Lewis, Louis Elmore, Clarence Gant, Bob Cummins, Myron Calvert, Ralph Price, George Forster, Bob Akins, Ysidor Duemes, Marlin Beck
Fourth Row:   “Hap” Granitz, Oral Davisson, George Cairns, Floyd Giles, Roger Thronson, Gilbert Davis, John Cusick, Pat Mitzel, George Titrington, Deacon Turney, David Bude
(Photo and personnel names from Joe Paradise collection, courtesy of Dave Paradise)
VMTB-233 The Flying Deadheads
Cmdr. Officers:  Exec. Capt. E.W. Berry,. Officer Capt. R.W. Johnson, Flight Officer Capt. E.A. Hollis
First Row: G.A. Hall, R.C. Leach, J.W. Kehbein, H.J. Kamparsak, N.L. Welch, J.B. Webb, R.Q. Hulse, J.W. Hernden, J.W. Hartigan, N.C. Rutgers, T.E. Flemming, J.A. Miller, missing from photo:  M. Deutsch, R. Eck, D.E. Smith, E.K. Lambert
Second Row: 2nd Lt. G.L. Bailey, 1st Lt. A.C. Choneburger, 2nd Lt. J.G. Hunter, 1st Lt. W.T. Schroth, 1st Lt. G. Royer, Capt. R.W. Johnson, Capt. E.W. Berry, Exec., Capt. E.A. Hollis, Capt. F. Takacs, 1st Lt. A. Turgs, 2nd Lt. C. M. Compher, 1st Lt. G. W. Cannon, 1st Lt. E. L. Andre, 2nd Lt. R.G. Crowell, R.G. Northart.
Third Row:B.J. Chupka, J. Spagnolo, G.F. Mason, R.W. Brown, W.C. Chandler, W.E. Thomas, R.W. Fredericks, 1st Lt. A.L. Franks, 2nd Lt. C.D. Eash, 2nd Lt. J.P. Baden,2nd Lt. C.H. Smith, WO B.L. Castor, E.A. Smero, W.J. Isom, J.W. Supancik, F.J. Leger
Fourth Row: W. Steve, A.J. Mack, G.J. Vartolo HI, J.A. Seymour III, D. Thornburgh, E.L. George Glass, J.M. Calvert, H.L. Spain, B. Giminiani, E. G. VanCleve, J.G. Kral, R.B. Resinger, E.J. Dragan, J.N. Boardman, M.T. Civitello, M.C. Cunningham, J.A. McCullough
Marine Carrier Aircraft Service Detachment #1 1945
First Row:   Janke, Garrison, Reilly, Kolhoss, Roma, Messenger, Mastrangelo, Chapman, Carr, Pacholic, Paradise, Lundy
Second Row:   Warhach, Russell, Keesbury, Harris, Mitchell, Herrington, Ens. Kinkopf,  Capt. Elkins, Scott, Rogers, Babbitt, Schimpf, DiCarlo, Janke.
Third Row:   Laux, Clark, Lewis, Elmore, Gant, Cummins, Calvert, Price, Forster, Akins, Duenes, Beck.
Fourth Row:   Gronitz, Davisson, Cairns, Giles, Thronson, Davis, Cusik, Mitzell, Titrington, Turney, Beede.
VC 55 Aboard USS Card