Special Notice for or shipmates, relatives and friends:

On May 29, 2004 the WWII National Monument was dedicated to recognize the many men and women who provided service to their Country during that era. The dedication provided that all of those that did serve shall be individually recognized and listed on the Monument Registration. While the public records show the names of those individuals who lost their lives in the service to their Country, this is not the case of the over 4 million survivors. Provisions in the Laws regarding the Monument permit anyone who has knowledge and proof that someone did serve, and has not been officially recognized, may provide that information to the Government.

On behalf of his shipmates, and those men who served on the four destroyer escorts that plucked them out of the cold and frigid waters of the Atlantic, Jack Greer, acting on behalf of the USS Block Island Association, took the liberty to provide the Monument Association with the names of over 1100 shipmates and 400 crew members of the four DEs. While there may be over 300 names from the destroyer escorts that were not provided to the Monument Association, it is only because they were not made available to the USS Block Island Association.

The Association was not permitted to register the Marines who served on the Block Island because the regulations required that before a registration can be made, the hometown of the individual must be provided. The records of the great majority of the Marines that were provided to the Navy did not show the hometown as Marine publications omitted that factor. While the Association was able to register many of the Marines through personal contact with the individuals and families, by far the majority were not registered. The friends and family of these Marines are permitted to have those names registered by contacting the following website:


Chaplain Gordon MacInnes served aboard both Block Islands, CVE 21 and CVE 106. This wonderful plaque, encased in a frame, was given to his widow, Mrs. Florence MacInnes on December 18, 2005 as she was nearing her 100th birthday. It was presented to her by Bill MacInnes (Editor of CHIPS) and nephew of Chaplain MacInnes. Gordon’s Son, Gordon MacInnes, was by chance visiting his Mother at the time
of the presentation.

Chaplain Gordon MacInnes, CVE 21 / CVE 106
Mrs. Florence MacInnes with plaque
Chaplain Gordon with wife Florence about 1990.
Son Gordon(Sandy) MacInnes with his Mother